Eye and Face Visor "Vario Face Shield"

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Eye & Face Visor "Vario Face Shield"

In times of cold viruses and COVID-19 it is more than important than ever to get infection protection and stay healthy.

Your Face perfectly covered.

  • Reduces droplets of saliva / mucus released through the mouth or nose
  • Prevents lager droplets from hitting e.g. in the expectoration of others on the oral and nasal mucosa
  • Reduces the risk of touching by contaminated hands
  • Professional protection of face and eyes from foreign objects flying around
  • Modular visor by changeable shield
  • Available in different designs (Variant I - 175µ, Variant II - 500µ)

Protection from the environment

The robust construction made of PMMA polymer offers improved protection and consists of 100% recyclate.

Perfect fit

Secure adjustment thanks to an elastic rubber band.

Crystal clear & scratch resistant

Thanks to specially selected materials, the eye & face visor is crystal clear, scratch-resistant and resistant to alcohol and disinfectants.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485
Quality Management for Medical Products