As a responsible, environmentally conscious, and modern company, the health of our employees, customers, and partners and the efficient use of resources are very important to us! Because of that, we value environmentally friendly and recyclable base products, energy efficient processes, and the highest degree of occupational safety already in the fundamental development of our products. To this end, we collect and assess extensive data for all significant parameters and, based on the results, we continually optimize our products and processes to achieve real sustainability.

The pioneering role of C. H. Müller is substantiated by the following examples:

We are the first lamination company in Europe which arranged a fully biological waste gas purification facility in line behind the flame lamination process. Environmentally harmful components of the waste gases are washed out and decomposed by microorganisms, leaving virtually no residues. So only water vapor is emitted into the atmosphere and the environment is preserved. The trend of sustainable electric mobility has already begun in our factory traffic; we use efficient, quiet, and energy saving electric and hybrid trucks.