Our Guiding Principle

We have almost 150 years of experience that have moved us.

C. H. Müller stands for the inseparable combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology with the power of innovation!

On September 9, 1868 Carl Heinrich Müller laid the foundation for almost 150 years of company history in Reichenbach. In our beginnings, the company mainly manufactured products for customers in the shoe and clothing industry. Thanks to greatest commitment and ambition, we were able become the market leader in the area of laminations and coating for car interiors in Europe in the last 25 years. We offer roll goods as well as the cutting and the further processing of laminated compound materials and the development of these for the respective application.

With an average of 370 employees, C. H. Müller generates a yearly turnover of more than 70 million Euros. We define ourselves through innovation in connection with the most modern technology through all levels of production.

The multifaceted produced composite materials from textiles to synthetic and real leather can be found in many parts of renowned automobile companies, the aviation and railway industry, as well as in further industrial and technical applications. Examples for this are interior components and seats in vehicles, sunshade components for private and industrial use, as well as upholstery for baby seats or medical hygiene products.

Important instruments necessary to reach our high standards are the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials as well as a quality, environmental, and energy management certified for all automobile standards.

By a regional expansion of the production areas and expansion of C. H. Müller in countries like the United States of America and China, the company aspires to support the regional economy and to set the course for further, healthy growth in the future. The production of high quality products in Germany has a long tradition in our company and will remain an important part of our company policy as well as a clear statement for the location of Vogtland in future!


In the last few years our company has become the global market leader for laminations. Apart from the traditional technologies as e. g. flame lamination, we offer a wide spectrum of laminations with thermoplastic hotmelts.


Thermoplastic adhesives offer many advantages and are available in the most diverse variants, as e. g. webs, films, powders and adhesive dot coating. They can be applied to almost every substrate as open coating, and are then available as contact surface for almost all plastic parts or hybrid carriers.


The production of complex three-dimensional components within tight tolerances has become a part of our portfolio and is continuously developed further. The vertical integration of processes associated with this allows our customers to proceed through the complete manufacturing process with C. H. Müller, from the prototype to the serial product.